Can you breed legendaries?

I want to get the shiny legendaries, but I have to catch them first to complete the Pokedex, so I can get the shiny charm. I know the original games don’t allow you to do this, but I thought this game might be different.

No, you cannot breed legends/mythicals with the rare exception being breeding manaphy to get phione.

alright, thanks for letting me know, but does this mean I need to trade to get all of the legendaries?

All the Legandaire from Gen 1-6 are available in-game. However, if you want them shiny afterwards, there is that Poképon machine or trade to someone.

how’s does the pokpon machine work? I’m on the part of the story where you battle mew, but I think I found the pokpon machine berfore?

Whichever pokemon you want to send in goes at the first slot of your party and then you talk to the lady at the front of the big gumball dispenser in Sonata City.

Here is a link to help you whit the Poképon