Can we trade more than one item at a time?

I need berries for my tropius. A LOT of sitrus berries!! I want to recieve a lot of them at once in exchange for a rarer item like a candy or something. Alternatively I can just pay a good price for the sitrus berries.

If it’s possible to trade more than 1 item at a time, how do we do it?
Thank you!

yes you go to the other person’s secret base and leave gifts in the mailbox
you have to do it one at a time but at least it’s better than trading pokemon with those berries

Cool!!! But how do I know if they’re not going to scam me?

What’s the maximum number you can have for this? Say, if I trade my master ball for 5000 sitrus berries, would that be possible?

  1. yes you can get scammed
  2. idk

The max amount of gift items a user can have in their mailbox is 50.

What do I do in the event I get scammed?

Thank you! Do we give the berries one at a time? Or can we just give 50 at once

  1. load up a backup
  2. one at a time i said it earlier
  1. T.T okay
  2. (cries)

well at least someone saved me the labour of getting the tropius that I needed berries for… T.T

I’ll change my strategy.

Do we give the berries one at a time?.