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Can someone trade me a delta bulbasaur

Trading Name: Chicklapuda

Offer: Froakie with protean or delta charmander

Request: delta bulbasaur

Further info:If you want to trade reply me the date and time you will trade.

I have one and I can trade now if you want @Chicklapuda :grinning:

GiaPeNiw thanks! Reply me which Pokémon you want. Can we trade tomorrow at 9pm est.

I would want the froakie

Yes we can

Also is your trading username GiaPeNiw. If not tell me your username.

I will give you the Froakie with protean

Yes, that is my username

Ok Thanks!

Don’t give it with the mega stone . Getting it’s mega stone will take time and l already have it mega stone.

I actually already have it (I have beaten the game)

It’s okay if you give it or not. I am happy either ways.

I will give it since I just don’t need it.

Ok. You can give it. I will meet you tomorrow.

Byeee, see you tomorrow


Also do you want it to have tm moves?

Actually l don’t want it to have any tm moves. I have a lot of tms and l want to give it my own moveset


Oops, my Username is not GiaPeNiw, is Kafkinos, sorry for the inconvenience