Can someone tell me how to get eviolite

Trading Name: eviolite

Offer: Cubone and Pikachu

Request: eviolite

Further info:

do you have a secret base? i can drop one off, you dont need to pay me

there’s one in the late game I believe but seeing as you’re offering Cubone and Pikachu it’s out of your reach. You can also buy them in the Battle Frontier, but that’s postgame

yes i do have a secret base


well i tried to drop one off but you didnt upload your base, i cant drop it off otherwise

ok i will do that

how do i

go to your friend safari and into the other tunnel(not the enterence) and there make an account, and then an option comes up as upload your base

i did that now what

what your tradename or friend safari name

My name is Dragonmaster4344

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