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Can someone plz trade me a delta wooper egg?

Trading Name: ThatOneKid62

Offer: delta vespiquen, but lmk if there’s something u want instead

Request: delta wooper/delta wooper egg

Further info: so i kinda fainted delta wooper at the beginning of my playthrough before i realized u couldn’t rematch it, now i can’t complete the pokedex lmao. This would be much appreciated


Oh cool! Thnx so much. r u able to trade now?

not rn tho

Maybe in 10 min?

sorry for the abruptness, if u need some time first its perfectly fine with me

Its fine lol

yeah sure, sorry about that. Sounds great. Thnx again.

sorry if u see this i have to step away for a bit

Hey I’m super sorry about having to go last night. Please let me know if you’re still able to trade today, I’ll try to see if I can get you an iv stone or two

Hey @Aki, sorry to bother u, just wondering r u still up for trading? If not I completely understand, i just kinda need to know relatively soon. Thnx so much for all u do on these forums btw


Are you okay with a Delta Wooper that has random IV`s and nature?

Yeah I’m completely fine with that. I just need it for my pokedex

My trading name is my user name, if you are ready we can trade now.

Yeah sure that sounds great! Thanks so much! My trading name is also my username

Okay, let`s trade then.

Cool. Just a sec I need to add the vespiquen to my party

mesage me when you are ready.

Any pokemon is fine for the trade.

Ok I’m ready. And thnx, I would prefer offering something of value at least. It’s a delta vespiquen holding an iv stone