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Can someone pls trade mega eevee

Trading Name: drakonis

Offer:anything i have

Request: eevee with eevite

Further info: i haven’t gotten far enough get eevite and after choosing delta charmander im too poor to convert my money into coins for the game corrner for eevee and traded pokemon gain boosted exp

mega stones are one per save so it will be hard to get one from someone else. I would trade u one for a shiny but it would be better if u got it yourself @varien

i can give you one but what you have in exchange and btw there is a free eeveeite before 3 rd gym

The free eeveeite only happens if you chose Eevee as your starter.

oh ok

ok no problem i can give you a eevee with eeveenite but what can you give

i have a machop, nidorino, cubone, woobat, gastly, feraligatr, shuckle, and a bonsly

i can do it for free

ok thank you

do we both have to be there for a trade


ok what time do you want to setup so we can do the trade