Can someone help me with sun gym

Trading Name: ArenDaPirate

Request: Something lv1-25 with drizzle

Offer: Nothing but me returning it
Further Info: I am having trouble with suntouched gym plz help me

You do know two pokemon have drizzle in this game: Kyogre and Politoed

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no i did not oops

delta serperior, i can trade you one of those but it doesnt get drizzle until its a serperior, aka lvl 36

oh i think ill take it and just use it to cancel drought and then you can have back if you let me use

ok, trade name kev1212, im ready now, and you can keep it

oh really thanks!

i think your serperior had pokerus!

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btw thanks i just beat the sun gym with ur serperior

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