Can someone help me evolve my electabuzz?

So basially could anyone help me evolve my electabuzz i just got into Helios City so i want to evolve asap

And i have a delta scyther also that i want to evo

(Quoted from the Insurgence Discord)

Witch Doctor in the Black Market in Helios City(pre 3rd Gym) allows you to evolve Pokémon that normally require trading, assuming that all of their trading conditions have been met.

I’d also give you a quick heads up. D. Scyther is considerably worse than D. Scizor since they have the same BST and typing, but Scizor’s is more defensive, and Ice-Fighting is a horrible defensive typing, but the best offensive typing.

isnt ice electric a better offensive typing

oh okay thanks i didn’t know and wanted it to evo a while ago ;-;

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