Can someone give some thoughts on my team?

My team consists of mew, togekiss, delta snorlax, delta metagross, mega eevee and delta crustle. Is it good or should I change something? I have access to almost any pokemon so I’d like to hear your suggestions. Thanks

What types are delta Metagross and Crustle? What moves do they have? If you’d like a more accurate answer you should give us more infos :stuck_out_tongue:


Delta Metagross-ground/bug (leftovers) (evs on atk and hp): stealth rock/spikes/earthquake/x-scizor

Delta Crustle-fairy/normal (white herb) (evs on atk and spe): return/shellsmash/superpower/playrough

Mew-psychic (leftovers) (evs on hp and spe): will-o-wisp/psychic/soft-boiled/flamethrower

Eevee (eevite) (evs on spe and spatk): thunderbolt/foul play/hydro pump/ice beam sometimes I change some moves for coverage

Delta snorlax-grass (leftovers) (evs on hp and spdef): bulk up/rock tomb/seed bomb/synthesis

Togekiss-fairy/flying (leftovers) (don’t remember the evs): heal bell/thunderwave/ air slash/ roost (when i get it) for now it’s aura sphere

These are the movesets. Thanks for replying :smiley:

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Where are you in the story? Post-game? And what difficulty?

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Just beat the elite 4 in normal, but the part against reukra was difficult, I hate that volcarona

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Ok, personally I’d change only Mew and δCrustle. It hurts my heart (Mew is my absolutely favorite mon) but there are better choices for that role (e.g. even just Alakazam is faster and hits harder, sure it doesn’t give you the versatility of Will-o-wisp but you kinda don’t need it if your opponent’s dead), oh and speaking of Will-o-wisp, perhaps you could take δGreninja with the Hidden Ability (Prankster) to prioritize the move (and other status as well) the con is that δGreninja doesn’t learn much else that’s good by level (not for its best stat at least), so you have to find TMs for it.
For δCrustle the reasoning is simple: sure it hits hard (I have won the game with base Crustle, Shellsmash is broken) but during PvE you don’t keep your items, and while White Herbs are cheap, it’s a pain (for me) remembering to give him one (ಥ﹏ಥ) plus it’s pretty much a one trick pony, a basic whirlwhind and he’s kinda screwed. If you’re okay with that then please, spread the love for Crustle. If you want a hard-hitting motherfairy, I can’t help but suggest you to pick a Huge Power Azumarill, even better if you can teach it Aqua Jet (not as easily done in Insurgence iirc, but not impossible) and after a simple Belly Drum, you’ll ohko, like, 90% of your opponents with priority)

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Ok, thanks for the response, I’ll try to get delta greninja. Do you think delta haxorus would be a good substitute for delta crustle?

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δHaxorus is a good fighter regardless the situation! Strong atk, more than decent speed (and easily improvable with Scarf) and good typing.

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I’ll use him then, and switch mew for delta greninja for some extra damage and the cripple from will-o-wisp. Ty for all your help

Also, do you have any good builds that i can use for d haxorus?

Well, I don’t play much competitive, heck, I don’t even play “smart”: I love to send a weak pokémon to defeat a stronger one (e.g. I sent Jumpluff to defeat Heatran and primal Groudon) so I’m not sure if I’m the best person to suggest a specific build but, personally, I’d go for a Jolly atk and speed evs Haxorus, with Bullet Punch, Waterfall, Swords Dance (if you don’t give it CScarf) and either Crunch (if it has Strong Jaw) or Knock Off (if not).

The build that I’m using now is: an Adamant with evs on spe and atk with the moves swords dance/iron head/aqua jet/and superpower. I think it’s good but idk.

If it has strong jaws, think about ice fang or crunch instead of superpower

It’s for the coverage, I don’t have any other fighting moves, and also it doesn’t have strong jaws.

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Now that I’m looking at it, crunch would be better, because the damage would be the same and there wouldn’t be any downside, and i have other types that can cover fighting.