Can someone catch me up on where to go?

Alright, to start, I’d like to apologize for asking what people probably ask on a daily basis, but I’ve got everything up to the point at where I’m at, but I haven’t played in a while and recently redowloaded 1.1.8 and I kept my old save games. Also going to warn new players to a very small, minor SPOILER. (Don’t think it is but covering my tracks.)

The last thing I remember doing is fighting against the Infernal Cult and catching the legendary in the safari zone.

When I reloaded my save game I was in my secret base so I don’t have the faintest idea as to where to go next. (if any new story content has been added)

Thanks, Linwe

Sorry to disappoint you, but no story content has been added. Wait for 1.2

Rip me.

Thanks for taking the time to let me know this. Thanks!

Yeah, good news though, they are making very good progress on 1.2. My estimate would be 1-2 months before it is released. In the mean time, do this stuff

You could use tesseract to find hidden pokemon and items, collect the secret base flags to get the rewards, complete the pokedex, try for a living dex, breed competitive pokemon, improve/revamp your team for next update, trade with other people, hunt for shinies and/or start a challenge run, play a few of the other fangames out there, go on with your life and/or wait.

Haha, alright. Thanks again! I don’t rightly know what I’m wanting to do with the game at this moment seeing as I’ve completed a lot of that. (Loving Mega Stunfisk.) I will probably continue playing Pokemon Moon until this releases.

yeah i love m stunfisk. it’s ability is awesome :smiley: