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Can someone breed/ trade a d.venipede for me?

Trading Name: Xkikix

Offer: Anything or shiny arcanine

Request: D. Venipede

Further info:

I can breed you a d. venipede and trade you something else for your shiny arcanine

That would be great! Thank you so much! Do we trade now or do I wait?

I can trade in a sec, I still need to breed your d. venipede which shouldn’t take long

alrighty, I have it ready for you now. My trade name is same as on here

I’m ready for the trade

What do you want for it? I have a lot of different pokemon and deltas

sorry missed you there, but I’m ready now or we can figure out another time tomorrow or so (I’m US Eastern). I’m definitely interested in the shiny arcanine and can trade you more than just the d. venipede for it

Im ready to trade now too. And I really don’t mind trading the arcanine for the venipede

If you dont mind seven, is it alright if i can put an offer for the arcanine.
Dont wanna steal your trade or anything lol.

I can offer a few of these for the shiny arcanine

Sorry, but I already told seven I could trade it to them and I plan to stick to my word :slight_smile:

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I’m really interested in the arcanine, so I really would mind if you swooped in last minute

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you sure you don’t want anything else for the shiny arcanine?

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I’m sure

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alrighty I’ve got your venipede with me right now so whenever you’re ready, so am I!

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Alright! I’m sending a trade request now

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Alright thats fine, i thought i might as well post an offer
Let me know if you have any other shinies you dont mind trading.

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whats your trade name? kinda need that to do the trade lol

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Oh right. It’s Xkikix