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Can someone breed me some deltas as a gift?


Trading Name: OldSchool21

Offer: Nothing good, I am trying to make my in-game dream team

Request: I would like: Delt Froakie, Delta Scyther, Delta Larvesta, Delta Cyndaquil and Delta Axew

Further info: If someone does all 5 I would even be willing to tip via Paypal lol

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I have all 5,unfortunately,the computer I play on hates the online features,so I cannot trade them.

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Correction,4 of the 5.

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ask Mewman(forgot numbers) He Traded me a Delta Larvesta

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How exactly is that going to help?

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I dunno It helped me. he also does it for free. at least for me.

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i got dis, gimme a bit

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gotta breed them all so itll be a while

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oh and btw, i dont have a paypal, nor do i need any form of payment.

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i have all 5 ready to go, we can trade now if you’d like

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So no chance huh? lol

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for some reason i couldnt reply but i can now…thanks for the breeds!

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