Can Someone Breed me a D. Larvesta

Trading Name: Elekti

Offer: Something good

Request: Delta Larvesta

Further info: I’ve heard its many titles and think that It might help me a lot on Elite four (I’m Trying to beat them so hard and I keep failing) I was wondering if someone could breed one for me?

i can breed u one, message me when available for trade

Nice, thank you so much! I can be on most days the time is after 3:00. Thanks again!

or right now. that can also work.

ok, sorry, i wasnt online, ill hopefully be ready when u are


I’m on right now if you are

what do you want for it

i dont want anything, ill be fine

welp, you online now?


We need to find a time… what times are you usually on?

um depends, im pretty sure our time zones are different, but around now few hours before and afetr work

I am on now

ok, ill get ready

just a few minutes


ok now I’m ready when you are

im ready

Thank you so much!