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Can somebody trade evolve 2 pokemon?

Now, im new to even posting on a forum or basically reading one. And ive got to say this is a great community! With that out of the way, can someone trade with me to evolve these 2 ik there is black market but im like nowhere near there at all. And i do not feel like waiting. ive been getting bits and piece of info on where to get mega stones and legendaries and thats more post-game/late-game. i will also post another topic on an offical trade cause i want delta syther. and another topic too.
Also my title needs to be less than 50 character

P.S this is my first day in forums and ive talked so much that ive gotten the max number or replies and topics. So do not expect an awnser. If i do check HERE because i will make edits to talk.

@Piazziami861 No, Why?

@Piazziami861 i want to start them early.

@Piazziami861 so will you?

Have you reached the 3rd gym yet?

If you go to the black market, you can go to the witch doctor, and she evolves all trade evo pokemon.

That’s what they all say, until they stay for some time.

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