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Can somebody please give me a Kecleon or Feebas

Trading Name: Shadeyboi

Offer: Gible or Dratini

Request: Feebas or Kecleon

Further info: Honestly I just want a Milotic, only want Kecleon for the dex

i don’t have one just yet, but could quickly farm a feebas or Milotic, just keep that ready for the next 48 hours, will ya?

Sure, what do you want?

omg I’m such a bot i forgot to type gible lmao

Aight, gonna go breed one, Trading name?

BigTee, tho like i said, I’m still farmin rn

got the feebas, ping me when ur ready

Everything Ready

requested tried again. apparently. need to edit my messages, as i reached max number of max replies today.

offered u the feebas now, whats the matter?

couldnt move cursor bruh

That glitch still around?

Waitin man

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