Can I use Delta Pokemon in solo runs/Egglockes?

The title, basically. I want to use Delta Larvesta in a solo run, but there doesn’t seem to be a way to select it.

Also, is there a list anywhere of which Delta Pokemon work in Egglockes? I know several of them don’t, but I don’t know exactly which ones don’t work.

Solo runs do not have Deltas implemented. Maybe that will change one day, but that day is not today.

In egglockes, when you are in the egg generator you must go to the bottom of the list. That is to say, if you wanted Delta Larvesta, you would find the second mention of Larvesta with a dex number over 800 I think, as the deltas range from around 720-920. As a caveat, to add deltas to your egglocke file and not crash it, you need to fill all 4 moveslots of the delta; if you want Delta Larvesta, each moveslot needs to have Pursuit or Scary Face, even if you give it 4 copies of Pursuit.

Shame about the Solo run. Thanks for letting me know about the move slot thing though! Maybe now I can get that Delta-only egglocke running…