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Can I replace D.Gardevoir

Hey Guys should I replace D.Gardevoir with Zekrom

ok,eletric stay the same,so ice vs dragon,both are good against dragon,but ice is not weak against dragon and dragon is,and ice is good against ground if i remeber correctly,and ground is in the elite four,so i would say no,but i am only focusing on the types,is the only thing i can calculate,so i guess dont take my answer

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D. Gardevoir also has a mega evolution, which negates the only other advantage Zekrom has, which is a higher BST


Sort of depends on the rest of your team. Bolt beam coverage is always a nice offensive option. Gardevoir can run mega, scarf, or just some other utility set to fit your team. Its coverage is a fair bit better than zekrom’s. On the other hand, the zekrom is a very strong physical attacker with the option to take on armor and become very very bulky. Bulk isn’t really something that the delta gardevoir really has to the extent of zekrom and certainly not armored zekrom. I guess delta gardevoir is an ice resist and possesses a fair bit of special bulk with the option to viably boost it with calm mind. While Delta Gardevoir has some powerful STABs, Zekrom’s STAB Bolt Strike coming off of 150 base attack is probably one of the strongest raw STAB moves in the game. Zekrom doesn’t get dragon dance in this gen, but it does technically get hone claws if you really wanted a boosting move and actual recovery in roost. Like I said, all this depends on what you want for your team and what you’ve already got.


Running A Timid natured Choice Scarf D.Gardevoir

Zekrom is a physical breaker, with Bolt Strike, Outrage, and whatever coverage you want. It has a decent Hone Claws set, but is mostly used with Scarf or Band. D. Gardevoir is a Scarf Cleaner with BoltBeam coverage, Moonblast, and Earth Power. It honestly depends on whether your team needs speed or power.

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I am gonna stick with D.Gardevoir

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Also, who uses legendaries on their team? I’ve never.


i dint in insurgence even whit two legendaries before postgame