Can I have a monferno and a ditto for breeding?

Trading Name: Radiated_Monkey

Offer: I am only borrowing them, I promise to give them back

Request: A monferno and a ditto for my own chimchar

Further info: Don’t tell me all I need is a fire friend safari because I don’t have one.

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all you need is to go to monfernos friend safari

bruh are you serious?

which gym are you on?

I just beat the psychic and ghost one

If you have more than 6 badges you can go to “Rei” Base

and for ditto you can get one at crossroads

I cannot tell if you are joking or not

we’re not

I am talking about you specifically. I asked to not tell me the locations and you are doing literally exactly that

where did you ask not to tell locations

I asked not to tell me that I all i need is a fire type friend safari and I implied that I don’t want the locations of the other one. Sorry if it was confusing.

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U didn’t, u just said u don’t have a fire type safari lol

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I implied it sorry.

Dude, they are trying to help you. Stop being a B!T₵H and just be grateful that someone at least tried to help you.

chill lol, he literally apologized for not being clear

What? I said I am sorry that what I implied was not clear.

Well, I was typing for a while, but the point still stands. Why are people acting like this?

acting like what? what did he do?