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Can I go to my secret base in dreamworld?

I’m in the city where im supposed to battle Adam but after looking at his team I’m sure I wont win with my current levels. It’s such a grind to battle the random mons in the grass compared to the secret base trainer… any way without going to a prior save ?

Secret bases are inaccessible from the Dream World.

Did you already get your Dexnav upgraded? If so,you can use the Memory Chamber to train.

the memory chamber? Can you explain that because I’ve never used anything from the Dexnav it never seems to work for me(I don’t know what I’m doing wrong). I did get past Adam easily I had looked at his team for later in the game mistakenly. I did update it though when I first got my secret base unless there is another one I need to do.

1.Open Dexnav
2. Try to press anything nothing happens
3. The end