Can Eevee be evolved into Sylveon?

I’ve been increasing the friendship between the eevee I chose from Prof. Sylvan since the start of game with the intention of having it evolve into a Sylveon. It Knows Baby Doll Eyes, Quick Attack, Tackle, and Swift meaning by X/Y ORAS standards the conditions should be met.

of course she can

Do you know what the friendship has to be?


What is the fastest way to raise friendship?

Feed it some of the EV reducing berries from Helios Department Store.

I haven’t even gotten past Suntouched GymLeader

I must say, Choosing Eevee as starter is the Equivilent of “Hard Mode” XD

nope, if ur eevee has adapatability

Does it have max happiness? If you have the pokemon in the first slot of your party and talk with it, it shows how much friendship your eevee has.

Less than 50 is "hates travelling"
50-100 is "undecided"
100-150 is "is happy traveling"
150-200 is "loves travelling"
200+ is “loves nothing more than travelling”

Most pokemon evolve at around 220 happiness/friendship.

If you want to increase happiness, You can use any or a combination of the following methods

  1. Level up your eevee
  2. Have it hold a Soothe Bell and battle or run around a lot with it at the front of your party(If you battle, make sure that it doesn’t faint)
  3. Feed the Pokemon EV-reducing berries from helios dept. store(This one is by far the easiest method as they are really cheap). edit: ignore the last point since you mentioned that you haven’t reached it helios.

Mine apparently evolved in the 150-200 range because its still saying “loves traveling”

mine has very high friendship and has a fairy move but still won’t evolve