Can decide on a Team member

I am quite split on a team member.
Mega/armored tyranitar (leaning towards armored)
Mega/armored flygon (leaning towards mega)
Mega marowak (his parental bond is pretty op)
My team:
D. Venusaur
Rotom wash ( thinking about changing it to d. haxorus)
D. Scyther
Aegislash ( thinking about changing it to d. Typhlosion)
Armored tyranitar (currently)
Any and all suggestions are appreciated.

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I would suggest keeping Tyranitar Armored
Flygon is pretty op mega not gonna lie
Marowak is kinda bad unless not mega, you could use it as a ground type, but I wouldn’t suggest it (unless you kept it mega)
You could switch it out, but rotom W can learn livewire, which is awesome! (basically a paralysis entry hazard), but then again delta hax is a solid pokemon
Its your choice really but (Rotom Wash<Delta Hax)
Ageislash is a pretty good pokemon all around, but the switch to delta Typhlosion would be good (its steel too, and you need electric since rotom wash got swapped out)

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Why does no one ever use Armored flygon? It just seems to exist.


Wow. First, rule #1, have only 1 Mega. In your case, D.Venusaur sine starters aren’t that great without mega excepting Blaziken. There again, D.Typhlosion is better as a Mega. Still usable without, but I don’t recommend it when Scarf D.Gardevoir is avaliable.

Other notable Mega includes Taunt Gardevoir, Both Typhlosion, Flygon, Kangaskan, The three Charizards and the three Metagross as far as I tried.

If you want to tacle the E4 as easier as possible, Taunt is your best bet. More specific, Ground immuned Taunt user such as Gengar. By itself, it 100% shut down Kyla and dominate Eduard’s lead. But Gengar will leave you weak to Ghost defensively.

That stinks.

imo, armored flygon is really good. it gets access to earthquake and dragon claw, 2 really strong stab moves. it also gets roost, which is really good especially with its armor. idk why its unpopular lol


i wanted to use d. gardevoir but then i would have to switch d. scyther out. That’s why i am hesitating to use it.

hey @Incognito1234 and @jerewryy, (trust me, i like flygon) but isn’t armor only a 20 point increase in defensive stats and he isn’t really that good without his mega(also because the moves he learns in this game are mostly special and it revolves around him mega evolving) but imo armored tyranitar can better handle himself without a mega and it is also a 30 point stat increase.


I agree that Tyranitar is better than Flygon, since its not even a pseudo legendary and the stat difference is pretty huge (663>568) lol. I was just explaining that armored Flygon is still viable and I don’t get why its not used more.