Calreath died confirmed?

So i’ve heard Zenith ( the dookie ) pushed him to his doom but is he dead confirmed by the offical devs ???

I’m pretty sure he’s dead, but I don’t think Zenith pushed him or anything. I believe he just got crushed by a rockslide.

The pushing incident doesn’t seem true!!

Well he can be saved maybe Celebi or Dialga can help him

But you said Every Gym Leader, E4 (Except Alola E4) and Champion besides Adam appears in the championship challenge

That probably excludes calreath as well.

well if he’s in the challenges it means he’s alive

“That probably excludes [calreath] as well” =/= “He’s alive and kicking”

welp binacles hope there is an event where he’s alive

Spoiler alert: Nope.

Celebi travels back in time

And it also happens it doesn’t do that in this game’s story aside from tesseract puzzles.

what do you mean ???

In Insurgence, Celebi never uses it’s time abilities aside from Tesseract puzzles when in your hands and when Nora reverted the fossils in Midna Mine.

Then that means we grab another Calreath from another uiverse

maybe Xerneas can revive him

Which also happens to have no part in the story. We can’t even find his body.

Take Xerneas to the ruins of Infenal Base dig up the ruins and use Xerneas’s Geomancy to revive Calreath ( and also Zenith but this is about Calreath )

Allow me to talk slower.

Xerneas has absolutely no relevance in the plot. The only reason it’s in the game is to allow us to get all pokemon up to generation 6.

Calreath’s body was never found. You can’t revive a body if there is none.

Even though i will never aceppt Calreath’s death, i still think if this was a Main Series Pokemon game Calreath would’ve got injured, hiding or alive