BW2 female avatars

I made a replacer a few days ago to make my character look like Rosa from BW2.
(Note this will only replace char001… the blonde character)

  1. Rosa hair + Rosa outfit. (Blone hair + Jumpsuit + jumppants)
  2. Rosa hair + Hilda outfit (Blone hair + Alt. Jumpsuit + jumppants)
  3. Bianca hair + Bianca outfit (Pink hair + Orange shirt + jumppants)
  4. Rosa hair + underwear (wanted to do this just for fun) (Blonde hair + lords Suit + jumppants)

Any other combinations mentioned above may cause clothes to overlap.
No accessories are tested / adjusted except cat ears, which were adjusted for Rosa’s hair.

I also wanted to add in Hilda’s hairstyle but sadly it didn’t fit.

I may add more customization options in the future.


Download here


This is a pretty great mod. It’s a shame you couldn’t get Hilda’s hair in, but oh well. I did run into a slight problem, though. All of the sprites sort of overlap on my trainer ID card. Is that supposed to happen?

Could you send a screenshot? It might be that I have to set it right to the skin color you choose.

Also I might be able to get hilda’s hair in if I cut the top part, but yeah I dont like that I have to cut it.

I added the other skintones replacers as well, not a 100% sure it will work untill I get home though.

Here you go

I chose the blonde character like you said, and sorry for the late reply.

Ah I see you are using the male sprites, it only works on the female ones, I’m still planning to add b/w males at a later point.

I am so sorry to necropost but how do I add these sprites into my game? I know the files to go to to see the graphics but what do I do to replace the old files with these ones.

Download the files, rename them to the same thing as the old files, move them to the folder containing the old files, and then replace when you’re prompted to.

Thank you so much! Again, sorry for the necropost.

how do I add this to my game? idk where to put the files