Burn chance and status in general

Is it just me being incredibly unlucky or is scald super buffed in here? I was battling Calreath in the gym fight and got burned by a scald. No problem right? Except for the next 9 turns it was repeating me using a full restore and him using scald and burning me.

To top it off, he can apparently predict you using antidote when you try to heal off toxic when his goodra is out.

I mean I beat him afterwards, but still. 9 turns in a row seems like a won an awful lottery.

It has a 30% chance to hit lol u just unlucky or the game just wants you to lose, my Delta Gallade’s Icicle Crash always misses the third time I use it in a row. And I always get status from Flamethrower Thunderbolt and Ice beam

Lol, I had something like that. My Mew NEVER freezed anything, but when it freezes, it stays frozen. Like, FOREVER. I was 9 billion turns against Nyx, and it’s Kanghaskhan didn’t unfreeze for 9 whole turns. It died after that, but I only won against Nyx thanks to this luck I can’t have in Competitive.