Trading Name: Cyra38

Offer: Shieldon/ Kabutops/ Kabuto/ Archen/ Omanyte/ Anorith

Request: Bulbasaur

Further info: I really need some poison poke, and my Petilil can’t learn any poison atack

If you have reached Nasca town, you get one after doing a small side quest. If you have reached Metchi town, you can catch an Ivysaur from friend safari. Pokemon locations for future reference.

If you haven’t reached either town, and/or want a traded bulbasaur, ping me on discord and I’ll breed you one.

I have reached Metchi Town, but my safari is dark-type. What pokémon do you want? :grinning:

EDIT: I’m in Helios City

Any trashmon would do. What nature do you want for the bulbasaur?

… Jolly? Or anything…

Okay, your jolly bulbasaur is ready.

Ok,now I have to enter your name there, right?


Yup, my tradename is sleepy I’m sending trade to Cyra38

That’s it, thanks again!

You’re welcome :slight_smile:

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