Building a Dream Team but New to the Game

Trading Name: 20mayan11ma

Offer: Really don’t much

Request: Delta Torchic line, Delta Frogadier Line, and/or Protean Greninja (ideally around level 36 and not much higher or lower)

Further info: I love insurgence a lot. I played it around 3 years ago and I had so much fun doing it. I only got to the Normal Fairy Gym before a kid deleted my save file because they thought it was funny. All the progress was lost and I forgot the game for a while, until recently I started playing with my brother. We are trying really hard to make a dream team but unfortunately the Deltas we want are really post game. I don’t remember if Deltas were breedable in this game so I totally understand if people aren’t willing to trade those. But i do remember secret ability Frogadiers were easily catchable in the friend safaris so those would be appreciated if Deltas are to expensive. Thanks so much for reading and glad to see this game still has a thriving community :slight_smile:

i can help

I don’t breed deltas but for the record Deltas are breedable but only by Delta Ditto which is also postgame

I have a delta ditto with adamant nature can i breed a Delta Torchit with that nature and Delta Froakie with adamant or timid nature i just need any pokemon with an IV stone
Normal greninja I have him in an unfavorable nature…

thank you so much! I have no idea what the best natures are on any of them, but if its possible id like a decent one. IVs dont matter the most to me. Appreciate it a lot, and thanks to everyone else who replied!

Tell me an hour to do the exchange

Alright will do! Thanks a ton.

hey if you ready can give me 10 minutes to exchange

hey just came back! im ready now

ok ready in one minute to exchange

whats your username?

username: mauritzito im online

should i press enter now

gimme one minute to other

I’m going to put the special ability on it, give me a minute

Of course thank you so much!

ok im ready

Thank yo so so so much!

enjoy bro

do you know the best way to level them up? i just beat the 2nd gym