Bug with the teleporter in the secret base


I downloaded the new version of pokemon insurgence yesterday. At the begining, I didn’t see any problem but today, I saw that some of my pokemons have lost their hidden ability… (My serperior has lost contrary, obviously, without this ability, it’s a little useless). But it’s not my principal problem. After that I decided to go on my secret base and I used the teleporter. But now, I’m blocked on the teleporter. Miss of luck, the autosave was activated so, even if I quit the game, I’m always blocked. I tried a lot of things, use the HM fly, tesseract and a lot of other things.

I hope someone has a solution ^^' Sorry for my english, I’m french, it’s not an excuse but it’s an explanation X).

no one is here to help me? :frowning:

Load a backup save, read the faq on how to do that. http://p-insurgence.com/FAQ/bugs.html

It works, ty ^^