Bug - White Screen at game startup

So, I looked at the FAQ , looked at the bugs too and tried theDEP thing and it didn’t work. What happens is that when I open the game, it gets started, but only shows an white screen the music gets playing and I can even try and click on the options( although I can see anything as it is all white I can hear the sound of something being selected) I tried using the same folder in my pc in other computer and it did work without issues. Any help would be aprecciated, sorry if someone else has posted a problem like this, I just did not find it. Thanks for the help boys

this is how it looks like when I open the game

Try updating your drivers, also might have been a graphics issue with your pc.

Thanks for the tips, however My drives are updated, and if it is a graphic issue from my pc, I don’t know what issue that could be, and nether how to solve it, as I’ve never had this kind of problem before, and other games run without problems on my pc.