Bug-type friend safari with scyther, swadloon, and venonat

Hey everyone~ I’d like to share my secret base for anyone who hasn’t caught these yet. Just type in “snugglymisskitten” to drop by. [I think…] I’d love if you guys also shared the names of some secret bases for me to explore~ I might add a puzzle to my base eventually, so maybe stay tuned? :3

Cool! I don’t think Venomoth is available in-game so I’ll defs check it out! If you really do want to explore other secret bases, mine’s a fairy-type. Just look up “owlmethyst” :slight_smile:

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You’re welcome to anything you find there~ Sweet, a f***ing slurpuff! I love slurpuff

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Wow, really? It must be different for every person or mine changed or something, because it was Carbink, Mawile, and Mr. Mime! Neat! Got the Venonat, too! Enjoy Slurpuff and my Martmen Shrine!

okay~ know any other secret bases I can lurk in?

also, maybe you saw it on a different version?

It’s possible, I suppose? did switch pcs recently…

Anyway, if I ever remember my friend’s username, you’ll be the first to know. she had a psychic type, i think.

Until then, have a couple of secondary file bases - brerrabbit should get you an electric friend safari, and vidaliainterstate an ice one

Also, would not be very adverse at all to secret base suggestions of my own… :sunglasses: have fun!

The only explanation that makes sense.

All the names I know can be found in the online board, lol.