[BUG] Route 3 Seed Flare

Version 1.2.3. with patch.

On Route 3, near the south end, there’s green water similar to the kind you find in the Vipik City Dump. I tried using Seed Flare to clean it so I could surf across to the reported TM44 REST but it’s not working and there’s no prompt to cross, so no way to get the TM.

It’s also interesting to note that the current version of the map on the wiki does not show this patch of water.

Is this truly a bug or am I missing something?

It may be because your follower is missing. They usually come back after healing at a pokemon center. As for why it’s not on the wiki, it’s simply behind. Many locales got updated in the major 1.2 update, but due to how hard it is to get top down shots like the ones shown in the wiki, most people don’t bother updating it. You have to remember that the wiki is a community effort.

Yeah, my follower IS missing and I looked around for a workaround but couldn’t find any. I figured it was just a visual bug and not something that would prevent me from doing/getting something. Nothing I do gets them back.

Try whiting out? (Faint all your pokemon intentionally till you respawn at a pokecentre, though not really a solution if you’re on a nuzlocke challenge) You can white out by battling against dexnav trainers, who have level 50 pokemon.

If you have access to Gaea town, try performing a simple addition through the human calculator, then try healing at any pokecentre in the region.

Try healing through the nurse in your secret base and then try healing in a pokecentre.

Try the above three(or whichever you have access to) after running your game as admin.