Broken grotto

Trading Name: Shiny_Pikachu

Offer: name your request

Request: fennekin

Further info: My crossroad hidden grotto is broken and wont spawn anything I need a female fennekin or advice on how to fix it

You can’t fix hidden grottos

it wont spawn any item or pokemon and I have been waiting for over a week

Your only hope is to get it from someone. I’ll look in my pc to see if I have one

ok thanks

i have one i dont need anything for it


my trading name is Shiny_Pikachu

what pokemon do you want?

i really dont need anything

an iv stone is good.

ok just wait I need to break so rocks…

trading :

bu you dont nned to tho

didnt you want a IV stone?

yes but i dont need it

oh ok

i am doing a deltalocke so wt gets me some good bredmons at times

so do you want a delta snorelaxs?

no i have one but thanks tho :+1:

ok I am on