Broadcast Tower Mission 6 Help

How am I supposed to do to get to Latias?

Heart swap with a manaphy statue and then go to the rock. Press and destroy it. Rock climb down and go to the present. The manaphy statue may be invisible, but you can still heart swap it. after swapping, climb up to latios and the scene will play out. This is impossible to do if you do not have the hiking boots, a post game story item. If you are stuck you can patch to a later version like 1.2.1d or 1.2.2 to be able to escape.

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Thank you

I’m having the same problem but i downloaded the 1.2.2 patch how do I leave the mission?

I believe you talk to the reporters

I have a similar problem. Cannot use tesseract at the spot, no pokemon following me and no statue. Got stuck in a glue like mess. :frowning:

I tried talking to the reporters and they won’t let me leave. I tried doing the save files but they only make it so you can create a new game. Is there any other way to leave mission 6? I really don’t feel like starting all over because I didn’t know that you needed Key Items that I don’t have.

If you can open the dex nav, open it up and select the memory chamber (Pokeball icon at the right). Right trainers until you lose a battle and black out.

Nothing is happening when I click the pokeball icon. :frowning:

I don’t think you’re on 1.2.3 or above. If you’re on an older version, clicking it and going back should open up the list.

I’ll try to download the latest patch then. Hopefully that will fix the problem.

Oh thank god that worked!! Thanks so much Dechozen101!!