Broadcast tower episode two glitch

when i was doing episode two of the broadcast tower, the moment i was teleported to the desert a level 23 magikarp appeared. i didnt even have to move just a magikarp appeared then they told me they were done filming. anyone else have this issue?

nope i got mine delta grimer yesterday from that

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Are you playnig a randomizer?

hi! I’m not sure what a randomiser is but I haven’t downloaded anything additional I’ve got a nice Gyrados now, so everything worked out. tysm for helping <33

At the beginnig of the game you have the option to play on normal mode or change it to other modes.

The randomizer is a mode that randomizes almost every item and Pokemon in the game.
In a normal playtrough you are suposed to find a Delta Grimer in mission 2, that is the only way to find one while you play, the other option is to get one from a trade or be lucky and get one in wonder trade.