Breloom w/ technician + Bullet Seed

Trading Name: konstie

Offer: D. Grimer (mild), Girafarigite, unfortunately I don’t have much more to offer

Request: Breloom with Technician and Bullet Seed, if possible with adamant/jolly nature.

Further info: need him badly for my second fight against Audrey and I’d love to have him in my team

I can get it for you later tonight or early tomorrow for 1 IV stone

EDIT: I have it, find me on Discord dreamfire abit later today or tomorrow

Thanks a lot! Does it come with technician and bullet seed? Which nature does it have? I’ll try to get a IV Stone, I should be able to have one soon.

I’m UTC+2h, when would you be able to trade? Since I’m new to this, what is Discord dreamfire abit?

Thanks in advance

its jolly nature with technician once you evolve shroomish / click on Join community on home instead of forums and click DISCORD ill be there also idk much about time zones but its 19:15 atm for me

All right, I got the Stone. The Shroomish has Bullet Seed?

I’m on discord now, if that’s fine with you. I named myself konstie