Breeding Thingies

Trading Name: Kafkinos

Offer: All the mons in the following boxes (some have egg moves, certain hp types and all of them are 5IV):
Sidenote: I forgot to add my bredmon ferroseed on my Others Box kek, I’mma do it later
Request: Nothing in particular,IV Stones/Dream Mists and Other Bredmons are always appreciated tho kek
btw if u have any of the following mons I would take them as well smh:
HP Grass Cyndaquil
HP Fire Bulbasaur
Belly Drum + Aqua Jet Marill

Further info: More Info bout my mons (Sidenote any mon that isnt listed down below doesnt have anything special like egg moves,hp types or HAs):
Sandile: Egg moves: Fire/Thunder Fang
Larvitar: Egg Moves: D Dance/ Pursuit
Shroomish: It is for a catcher Breloom , HA
Corphish: HA, Egg Moves: D Dance, SuperPower
Delta Torchic: HA
Delta Arcanine: HA
Aron: Egg Moves: Head Smash+ Curse

Totodile: HA, Egg Moves, D Dance+ Ice Punch
Bagon: Egg Moves: D Dance
D.Emolga and D.Aipom: HA
Charmeleon: Egg Moves: D Dance
Pinsir: Egg Moves: Quick Attack

Magnemite: HP Fire Ground

Yanma: HP Ground
Froakie: HA
Delta Seedot: HA
Delta Girafarig: HA
Nidoking: HA

Ferroseed: Low Speed IV, Egg Moves: Leech Seed
Spiritomb: Low Speed
Yamask: HP Fighting

Btw, pls don’t ask for anything that isn’t in the boxes smh

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Also, u can DM at discord on GiaPeNiw#8287 for a trade lmao

is that…shiny delta larvesta?

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Yes , but I am not trading it, it is just there cause it is the only bold Delta larvesta I had at that moment
also I wanted to flex a bit lmao

P. S: I just realized the Magnemite I have is HP Ground lmao

I mean, you shouldn’t put pokes you aren’t gonna trade in the boxes

Y shouldn’t I? It is there is if someone wants a bold d. Larvesta, I will just go grab this one and breed it. I am not trading the boxes themselves @Aki

also ur saying that I can’t flex?If I wanna flex I am gonna flex lmao

I mean, thats an assumption, I never said “You can’t Flex”

Also u didn’t actually think I am gonna trade my boxes right? I would be out of bredmons and, I would have lost a shiny and stuff… and that would suck tbh

just keeping this alive lmao

If someone hasn’t picked the Delta Squirtle and Pawniard, I’ll take em for either dream mists or other bred moms.

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Alright, I am gonna go breed them later, what nature on Delta squirt?

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Got it! Btw, what bredmons do you have?

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moms lmao

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I’ll trade you my mothers soul

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Eh, I will pass

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Jk I don’t really breed competitively because I always get bad natures but I can try. Currently hunting Spiritomb

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