Breeding for egg moves that a pokemon's pre-evolutions can't learn?

So, I need a little help with passing down moves. I know that a lot of moves that are TM or Tutor moves in the normal games are Egg moves in Insurgence, but what about moves that an evolution can learn by TM/Tutor but a pre-evolution can’t? In particular, I’ve been trying to get an Umbreon with Foul Play, but can’t get it to pass down. At first I had a male Houndoom with Foul Play and a female Eevee, but the resulting Eevee didn’t have Foul Play. I tried again after evolving the Eevee to an Umbreon, thinking that may work, but got the same result. Is it just impossible, or am I doing something wrong?

For a move to be passed down as an egg move, the first stage evolution of a pokemon should be capable of learning it; that is, it needs to be one of the following: a level up move, TM move or egg move. You’re not doing anything wrong, eevee just can’t learn foul play. Also, tutor moves can’t be passed through breeding in insurgence iirc.

Tl;dr: It’s just impossible, you’re doing nothing wrong and you’d have to wait for the move tutor to be able to teach it to you umbreon, sorry.

In addition to what Sleepy said, TM/HM moves may only be passed down by the father Pokemon, not the mother.

Shoot, I figured it’d probably be that. Thanks anyway! I’ll just have to think up a new set for Umbreon in that case.