Breeding 4-5 iv Pokemon service(closed)

Trading Name: Crazynut

Offer:breeding good 4-5 iv pokemon for FREE :smiley:(CLOSED)

Request: nothing(CLOSED)

Further info: im kinda just breeding pokemon now so i was wondering if anyone needed a good IV pokemon :smile: doing this till 8th December 2016!(no EV training though :slight_smile:) 1 request of pokemon per person :slight_smile: cause it will be very hard for me to keep track of how and when im gonna do it :sunny:(CLOSED)

Can you do a Modest 5IV Bellsprout with Weather Ball, Solarbeam and Sludge Bomb?

Can I get a timid budew with extrasensory?

HA please if possible.

Could I have an adamant pawniard with psycho cut? Any ability is okay.

I will try my best to get them as fast as possible :wink:

Uh I was checking bellsprout egg moves but could not find sludge bomb or solarbeam

can i have a adamant protein froakie

They are tm moves, they basically function as egg moves, but only males can pass them down.

but solarbeam n sludge bomb tms arent in the games yet

Even though they aren’t, they can still pass on

btw cow almost done with budew

but how will i get em?

You will need to devise a chain of pokemon from a pokemon that learns those moves by leveling up to those that can learn the move by a tm in their earliest form and breed in that order :slight_smile:

Can I see your progress on the budew?

press f5 to take picture right?

Do you have a PrtScr button on your pc? If so, do ctrl+alt+prtscr and then ctrl+v here.

Also, you going to join the discord server?

oh i have already joined but i dont have the prtscr button

  1. What is your username there?

  2. Otherwise use the snipping tool? (sorry, still kinda knew to windows)


So open snipping tool, press new, drag over your game, control c, then paste here or on discord