Bredmons For IV Stones & Dream Mists

Trading Name: Kryptxnxte

Offer: 5IV & 6IV Bredmons

Request: 1 Bredmon For 1 IV Stone OR 1 Dream Mist

Further info: If there is something you want that I don’t have you can also request for it.

You can also contact me on discord INFERNO#0313.

My timezone is EST

…Crimson, Aki, Giapeniw, and a whole bunch of others are doing this for FREE. So it may be hard for you to get customers.

If i could get a few requests that would be good enough.
I only need a few stones and dream mists and im good

Im slowly running out because im maxing all the stats of my shinies

Oh okay. I do not need anything rn but I will come to you later!!

I mean, who would ask if they can get it for free

There could be some ppl who wouldnt mind giving stones/mists

or have no use for them

Anways if your not requesting anything please dont respond to this post

I am interested in d heatmor and d dodrio, will pm you on discord

I am interested in some of your bredmon, I can give 8 Dream Mist
The Bredmon I am interested are:
Regular Pawniard ( Jolly would be cool)
Heracross (Either Jolly or Adamant are Perfect)
Chimchar ( Want it to have jolly lol)
Regular Snivy ( Timid Works for me)
Absol ( Jolly would be really cool)
Regular Darumaka ( Jolly/Adamant would be nice)
Smoochum ( I guess Modest/Timid could work)
Delta Cyndaquil (With Timid)
Need your bredmon for my own breeding services lol

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Here ya go


I am currently working on your request.

I’ll dm you on discord when im finished


Alrighty, I will leave the mist in your secret base when ya are done

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What is the region of your save file?

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North America

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I can give you Dream Mists or IV Stones, your choice.

I need these pokemon:


D.Larvesta (Bold)
D.Golet (Adamant)
D.Beldum Ruin (Jolly)

Non Deltas

Pawniard (Jolly, Female)
Dratini (Jolly, Male)
Buizel (Jolly, Male)
Poliwag (Jolly, Male)

Could you place them in quick balls?


Sure ill let you know when im done. It may be untill Thursday as i wont be on my computer for a while.


No problem, I can wait:


I’ve never understood why people care about the gender of pokemon. Is it bc you see it as more masculine or feminine? Or is it just because