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Bred Timid Cyndaquil (Hopefully EV/IV Trained)

Trading Name: PiaZiaMia

Offer: Ask me in the comments

Request: Timid Cyndaquil (Hopefully EV/IV Trained) HP Grass would be nice too.

Further info: I want to do a sweep of the E4 with this pokemon’s mega. Please help a guy out. Thank you.

Delta or regular?

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I made an edit. Also, regular please.

Aight I’ll get you one, but it’s almost 12 PM for me, so do you mind if I do it tomorrow?

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No Problemo!


@Piazziami861 cough cough

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yeah :thinking:

If possible, could you EV…

I guess

what stats

252 Special Attack, 252 Speed, 4 Special Defense.

top tier aki

damn, could I have one as well? I’ll give my soul

how long did it take you to breed for that :thinking:

I didn’t breed it :stuck_out_tongue: Im lazy, paid an iv stone for it, Im just ev training it

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here I was thinking you spent all of your time trying to breed one lol

I tried atleast, Im not capeable of getting those ivs

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who did you get it from, if I may ask :thinking: