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Where I’ll post Insurgence Fan Art. To start off I decided I’m gonna do the Delta Charmander line and all of the delta pokemon availabe so far in the game. Here’s a sketch of him so far:

Here’s the old version:


Finally got around to coloring it


Nice job! The teeth although are a little disconcerting… I’d use this or google some dragon teeth to use as a reference


Yeah I was using the sprites as a reference and the teeth seemed more squared-like(couldn’t think of a better word). But thanks for your suggestion!

Looks nice imo


Not sure if it’s there in the latest versions, but I remember in the older ones that the tail fire had a sort of face of it’s own.That made it really cool and gave it the spectral vibe it deserved.But overall, your artwork is very good.

Thanks and I did notice that, just never got around to actually adding it, lol.