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Brand New Fan-Made Showdown Server

Heya. I’m looking for peeps to help test my server’s brand new custom Showdown server, using the mons from Pokemon Insurgence. This includes Megas, new moves, and new mechanics, and more! In addition, each mon from Gen 7 + 8 have received moves, and some mons abilities, from Insurgence, with the Deltas getting the same treatment.

It’s my goal to build a brand-new meta for Pokemon Insurgence, and with help, at this point, it’s certainly attainable. If you’re at all interested in helping to build a new meta, please, leave a reply here, and I’ll shoot you a DM with the Discord information.


I think Gies is already starting something like that on its own simulator. However, I wouldn’t mind giving you a hand.

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There are some differences between the two, I assure you. It’s still being worked on, and some bugs worked out, but it is effectively functional. If anyone wants to check it out, here’s the discord server:


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i want to be a beta tester :sunglasses: