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Book of Leaves still available somehow?


Hey i saw the different Delta Snorlax Forms on the wiki and wondered if its somehow available ingame? And what about all the other mystery gifts? Seems weird to exclude all the new players from these wonderful Snorlax sprites :confused:
(i know there are no mystery gifts anymore)


You can get it. just have to turn back your computer’s clock to what date they where released. The click mystery giflts after that and botta bing botta boom.


Unfortunately it doesn’t work. I tried yesterday already and just now again. Both times no gifts were available.
I set it to December 2017, in that time the second Munchlax got distributed and with it the Book if im not mistaken.


Mystery Gifts don’t work by a time system, they download the data from a server. Currently no Mystery Gifts are online.


@Deukhoofd Thanks for the heads up! Is there a way to get the Book of Leaves at the moment? Or is it planned for a later patch?


Try joining the Discord, and ask someone on the moderation team for it, they can easily send you the item through the online software.

It’ll probably be made obtainable in one of the upcoming versions.


@Deukhoofd Thanks a lot! A Mod gifted it to me. Now i can collect the leaves and enjoy my Snorlax even more :slight_smile: