Ah yes, before I forget I should introduce myself, since… why not?
So… hello everybody! My name is the aptly named Ghost (or Koi, if you prefer) and I’ve just only gotten into the game. I live in the void or, if you prefer, Japan and I’m currently trying to 100% Insurgence as much as I can― or at least complete the Pokedex.

I sometimes dabble in competitive battling and I’m currently trying to work out a team for myself, but I think thats all I have for intros~
Very nice to meet you all!

And ah, yes! Before I forget, I am a sprite artist… and artist in general aha.
I made myself some custom clothes for the game as well as a custom sprite for my Trainer ID. But thats beside the point! Really nice to meet you all, like I said!

Hi.Welcome to the forums.