Blood Moon Darkrai

Blood Moon ShadowHello Again people! im still working on weavile but in my boredom I wanted to work on one of the coolest pokemon in my opinion, Darkrai. So I really didnt have a plan going through this it was pretty much freestyle but i did want this to NOT be a mega but a different fourm or something like the prison bottle.

The form is what i like to call Blood Moon fourm Darkrai as the Blood moon amulet seen on the right is required to be held.
Now i was thinking this would either make him Dark/Psy Or Dark/Ghost but il leave it to you guys to come up with ideas

SO I really really want people to voice some ideas and criticisms on this to really help me polish and improve this.
thank you!!!1! ~Z

FYI i do know it has a background i dont plan on deleting it until im done (using paint) :wink:

dark ghost would be a decent typing for it. how about it only works at night or something but it’s very, very powerful?

not a bad idea but i wonder how that would work in PVP maybe with the new moon weather

it wouldn’t make much sense to mak it work in pvp cause it would be too powerful for the competition. i would more or less likely banned in most tournaments due to the fact that it IS super powerful. maybe make it only work on a new moon due to the fact that it is so powerful?

that makes sense, i agree.