Black screen after the menu

Hello, I downloaded version 1.2.7 of pokemon Insurgence and when I launch it, the message “Script SpriteWindow line 226: RuntimeError occurred. filename is nil” appears and the game closes. I tried to download it several times but the same message appears.

You might have to load a backup

Go to C:/Users/(your username)/Saved Games/Pokemon Insurgence

After you locate your Saved Games folder, you will see a bunch of .rxdata files in the folder. You may or may not have all of the following files depending on how many saves you have.

Game.rxdata is Save 1 in game
Game_1.rxdata is Save 2 in game
Game_2.rxdata is Save 3 in game

The backups are labelled in the same way.

Save_0_Backup_1-3.rxdata are your 3 backups for Save 1. Note that there is no ‘0’ for the Game.rxdata file listed above, but there is for the backups.
Save_1_Backup_1-3.rxdata are your 3 backups for Save 2.
Save_2_Backup_1-3.rxdata are your 3 backups for Save 3.
1-3 denotes the backup number, they are 3 separate files in the folder.

Once you have your saves, follow these steps to load a backup:

  • Delete the corrupted Game.rxdata file, depending on which save is corrupted (e.g. if the save in your first slot was corrupted, delete Game.rxdata). If you don’t know which save got corrupted, it is almost certainly the last save that you played.
  • Take your first backup, which will be labelled Game_X_Backup_1.rxdata, where X is the respective savefile (for our example, this would be Game_0_Backup_1.rxdata because 0 denotes the backups for the save in the first slot).
  • Rename that file to the respective Game.rxdata file, and relaunch the game. If the first backup is also corrupted, repeat the same steps with the 2nd and 3rd backups.

If no backups work, then you are sadly out of luck.

Hello, thank you for the solution you brought me, however I managed to get out of it, after a windows 11 update the problem was resolved.

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