Better Late than Never?

Hi all! I joined back in August but haven’t gotten around to doing this until now. So… I’m MadArcanist :laughing:

I’ve always been a fan of Pokemon, and finding about Insurgence just gave me something else to sink hours and hours into. I would say that I play Pokemon for both its competitive aspect and the sheer fun that the series as a whole provides. I’ve played most games from Gen 1 up to Gen 6 (Gen 4 is my absolute favourite). Not super skilled at competitive play, mind you, but I’m always happy to do practice matches via the sim. I’m also willing to help out with game stuff (trades, Pokerus, etc) whenever I have the time to (but honestly, juggling uni and work and personal business takes 95% of my time, haha).



Yeah, the forums is going downhill.
But nice to know more about you.


yOu CoPiEd mE!





Great pfp

Thanks, but lets not get off-topic.

Thanks, I get that a lot.

You people have the most creative one I’ve seen

Thanks, but I didn’t make the PFP. It’s just a picture of Pepsiman that I found.

Still cool pepsi



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Should I do mine on the anniversary of the day I joined, or on/around New Years?

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I’d say that’s up to you.

your anniversary is actually around my birthday lol

I’ll probably do it then.

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