Better fighting type

Trading Name: Leo24

Offer: lvl 61 Delta Blastoise Adamant Nature and 1 IV stone

Request: A lvl 60-65 fighting type

Further info: I got this thing as my starter and it was great to use at first but now the Adamant Nature is holding me back. Can someone give me a fighting type, or at least a Delta Blastoise with a better nature. I really need it for the dark gym. Thanks in advance

I could help I think. Let me see if I have a good fighting mon for you

Ok cool, Thanks.

Update: Will now be offering an IV stone as well. I really need this :confused:

I should be able to give you a hitmonchan in about an hour.

That’s great. Thank you

Sure. Is level 58 ok? I modified its move set for you to help out

Yeah that’s fine

Nevermind I’m gonna train him. I’ll be ready in 5


Alright, my trade name is mania

Ready on your go

My Blastoise is on the GTS(I put it there by accident xd) but uh, it’s lvl 61 Adamant Nature and a male. If not I only have a lvl 40 Delta Pawniard I oculd give you

Ohhh. Okay let me see if I can find it

I have others too of course

What else do you have

Only others I could give you are a lvl 61 Alakazam and and lvl 61 Electivire

I think I want the blastoise more, since I don’t have him in my dex, but you have a request for a hardy nature and the hitmonchan is jolly. Could you take kamex down and we do a regular trade?

I don’t know how -_- I’ve been trying to find out tho

Don’t you go to my trades and there’s an option to remove him once you try to view its info?