Bets Ground Type For Gen -1 Blue Kaizo

Hey I need a ground type pokemon for Blue Kaizo .
I have done some research on those but it seems research wont work due to lack of pokemons in this game
My research is that

  1. There are 8 Ground type pokemon family
    Pokemon Comparison
  2. Golem Family - These types are 4x weak to Water and Grass type pokemons . Maybe this can OHKO-ed easily
  3. Rhyhorn Family - These are similar to Golem Family
  4. Onix - Similar to Golem
  5. Maroark Family - The only good thing Maroark have is good defense stats . But Defense cant cover its weakness which is special
  6. Nidoking Family - These ones are the best ground types in these games but the problem is their typings . Poison and Ground typings . I already have Venusaur which is poison . I f I have many poison types it will be hard to beat the Game Since the game have many Psychic type pokemon to which poison is weak to
  7. Nidoqueen Family - Similar to Nidoking Family
  8. Dugtrio - It have decent speed stats and attack stats but lacks in hp and special stats . I think Dugtrio can be Two Hit ko-ed easily
  9. Sandslash - Now this one is pretty hard . It has decent hp stats , attack stats and speed stats but its special stats are worse (Just like Dugtrio)
    In this research I think that Dugtrio and Sandslash is only option to go with .

It would be good if anyone suggest which one is better .