Best team

What is the best team to go with for the elite 4? (kayla is super hard to beat and I’m losing…):sob::sob:

My first time, I used Mew with Livewire, Roar, Barrier, and Amnesia. Even that didn’t get far. I also had a Delta Bisharp(my mega) with Power-Up Punch, High Jump Kick, Custom Move(Ice) and Acrobatics for coverage. I’ll look at my PC and add the rest.


E4 Rematch


There’s no “best team,” but having good type coverage helps.

You are wrong. 6 Kricketots is the absolute peak of team building.


Welp, the secret is out, Bug Bite’s the best move in game.

No, I just wanted A best team for e4

How do you have sooooooo many shinies?:star2:

Too much time. This is an old screenshot though, so they’ve all been given away.

The gengar is shiny too btw

My life has been wasted

Mega haxorus is a safe bet, especially when you use it with dragonify, dragon dance and dragon claw, is capable of almost soloing the whole league.

Mega delta venusaur is also capable of almost soloing the league as well, tanky with hubris.

Mega typhlo has hubris also and can almost sweep as well.

There’s a ton more that probably slipped my mind.

Delta bisharp with aerialate+power up punch+drain punch+acrobatics, you could probably change some moves but aerialate is strong, heard the mega is strong as well.

Livewire is purportedly OP. These are just from off the top of my head.

tl;dr: There is no “best team”, but there are quite a few strong mons out there, accessible even before E4.

Have something that hits hard and fast, try to kill of scizor, smeargle and blaziken as soon as possible for Kayla.

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You’re all wrong. This is clearly the best E4 team:

Thanks for all your help!

I finally beat Kayla!!!(Feels amazing to take revenge!!!:smiling_imp::smiling_imp:)