Best team to beat the league

hello i only have lvl 100 and up pokemon that strong but im strugling really hard with the league it not even fun anymore. whats the best thing i can do? new team? or oder things?

Credit goes to Devil, but I think these are pretty good teams for e4 (teams listed in pokepaste links.

Links are below, in case you don’t feel like typing up the links from the image.

EDIT: Also try to get all your mons to the same level since e4 scales to your highest party member, starting from lvl 88.

my delta charizard is level 105. also can you explane why these pokemon are the best and also what level’s are the?

also i never traded in game before so how should i get delta sicor?

Okay so try to get every mon to lvl 105 in that case, Delta Roserade naturally goes with mega charizard, which is a weather setter (d roserade gets doubled speed under new moon weather).

Delta Scizor has a really good matchup against Yuki, since Ice Cleats is like Slush Rush (doubled speed under hail). But otherwise decent if you running Tough Claws for everything else.

Delta Snorlax is well known for being really good against the e4 due to having thick fat (less damage from ice and fire), being a grass type (immune to spore from smeargle), good bulk, belly drum (so it can have really high attack), drain punch (which helps it recover after the damage from belly drum), and being slow (which really helps against London).

Delta Metagross Spider is good because it is a good hazard setter and webs is useful, typing is pretty good, and having a ground type is useful.

6th slot can go to whatever ig, these 5 mons alone for Delta Charizard starter is enough.

EDIT: Have Delta Scyther hold Never-Melt-Ice and use the Witchdoctor in Black Market.

all level 105? thats gonna take some time. also my username is the nickname of my delta charizard.

also can i change nature?

whats the best way to beat kayla? im having trouble with her. she buffs and buffs and buffs. and everyone seems to be weak to her. what shall i do? plz help. im using the team you suggested.

You can use the 6th slot for a mon that knows haze. That way it doesn’t buff, also delta snorlax is immune to spore, so it should be your lead, or any mon with a lum/chesto berry.

why haze?

also what should i do for the chapion? i keep being so close. but i dunno what his pokemon are weak to our whats the best way to beat him plz help me.

hello remeber me? is it worth to do the rematch? its still hard. should i then use the same team?